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Saturday, 1-Jan-2011 00:00

Note from Madam Ct..

You are mostly welcome to enter to this page..but if happen some of the content will makes you have a sore eye, you're advisedly to leave this page immediately..because I will not be responsible to anything that happens to you if you keep reading or viewing my humble page...

I admire ONLY a good comment to be leave at my comment box.For those are intentionally to write a BAD comment.I suggested NOT TO DO so.

Thank you for ur kind time and don't forget to come again.

A facts about myself..
Nick name:Ct or Hajar
Age:30 yrs old
Job:A fulltime housewife
Marital Status:Married to Mohdone
No of Children:2 (one boy named Muhammad Danial,one girl named Adelia Natasha)
Email Address:dimensione2u@yahoo.com / sitiones@gmail.com

in here i would like to say thank you so much for ur countinous support by keep coming to my humble page..to d silent reader and to u dat always leave a comment in here..i appreciate it a lot..


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